What type of carpet is right for your home?

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Considerations about carpets

Carpet and curtains are definitely on the less glamorous side of home decor, but it is one of the most frequently asked interior design items. There seems to be a lot of readers out there who want a bit of advice on the typical floor covering.

It took the very controversial decision to carpet over the stunning slate floor in the living room in the old cottage. It had been debating whether to cover the stunning floor for quite some time, but finally plumped for a softer cover for a more cozy space.


What is the theme of yours?

  • Loop Pile

Made from either a flat weave, a level loop or a multi-level loop, these carpets are perfect if you’re on your pad seeking a textured, rustic look. Made from uncut yarn loops due to their hard wearing properties they are ideal for high traffic areas.

  • Velvet

Choose the finer cut pile of a velvet carpet for a softer luxury look. Usually patterned carpet has a finer velvet finish.

  • Saxony

The carpet master. If you’re after a comfortable and luxurious carpet then this one is for you. Because of their deep pile they can be tricky to clean so best suited to the bedrooms.

  • Twist

An additional style to those after a rustic finish. A cut pile made of twisted fibers with a coarse textured finish. They are available in plain or heathered mottled and are sturdy and compact making them ideal for busy home areas.

As you plan to re-carpet the stairs and all the bedrooms upstairs in the same covering, try to go for a twist or loop carpet. Go for something harder wearing, as easy as it would be to go for a Saxony style. Consider the Dakota Texture Carpet in Platinum, or perhaps the Sahara Berber in Granite Cobble.


Carpeting prices vary significantly depending on the fibres used to create your carpet.

The composition has a impact on both softness and durability.

  • Wool

Strong and durable. Wool is the most expensive and luxurious material for carpets.

  • Polypropylene

Inexpensive but not as durable, stain-resistant as its woolen counterparts.

  • Nylon/ Polymide

Normally combined with wool fibres to make the carpet even more durable.

  • Sisal

Natural renewable carpet fiber making for an environmentally friendly option.

Look at What Lies Beneath

If your also planning to splash out on a super squidgy underlay to insulate the sound of the room and cushion. And you failed to invest in the underlay in your main bedroom, and noticed the room was considerably colder than the others, and the floor covering was very flat, certainly not luxurious.


Thinking of Spillages?

If you don’t have any pets and no small people either however, if you’re so clumsy that eventually the carpet is likely to end up spillage on it. Searching for stain resistant finishes is a smart idea; 100 percent polypropylene carpets can also be washed with bleach solution.

Thoughts on Color

A carpet is a expensive investment and having a true sense of color from a tiny swatch can be difficult. Carry home a bunch of samples from the store to check them out in situ, sliding them underneath furniture to get a sense of how they’re going to fit in the entire room.

So this is all things carpet whistle-stop guide. Anyone else doing carpet shopping right now? Did you go for man-made fibers made or wool?